A guide to using coaching as a leadership skills development tool

Welcome to this course on coaching skills development. By studying this course, you will learn how to assess when coaching is the appropriate development approach, how to engage someone in a coaching conversation, how to conduct a coaching conversation and how to effectively conclude a conversation. In addition, you will learn when coaching is not an appropriate approach, and when people might not to in a position to benefit from a coaching approach. The course includes video clips of coaching conversations that illustrate the points being made.

This course is for you if you are required to assist in the professional development of other people at work. This could be as a manager, or as a business owner who is required to develop the leadership skills of your team members, as an internal coach, or if you are interested in or beginning a professional career in coaching. Equally it will be useful to those in a mentoring role, and to the learning and development professional. This course is aimed at those who want to improve their skills in helping others develop.


001 Introduction and welcome

002 Why use coaching as a development approach

003 Be clear what you are coaching for

004 Select appropriate opportunities

005 Use turning questions

006 Help them draw on existing resources

007 Explore and develop the opportunities

008 Road test for readiness

009 When coaching is not appropriate

010 Blocking factors

011 Conclusion

Essential leadership coaching skills COURSE NOTES