61. Google Wallet 

The Nexus One smartphone now has contactless payments.

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62. Thrillist CEO 

This video talks about the business of Thrillist.com.

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63. Groupon 

Not all of the deals offered on Groupon are really a good discount.  Some deals are higher priced on Groupon than they are offered at to the public.

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64. eBay Acquires GSI Commerce

eBay acquires GSI Commerce which works with 180 retailers.  This move will help eBay compete better with Amazon.

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65. Google changes Algorithm 

Google changes its search algorithm to produce better search results for consumers.

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66. Worth It?: Groupon 

 This video describes how Groupon.com works.

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67. Bad Eating 

A study showed that people that are unemployed have poor eating habits.

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68. Counterfeits 

Fake goods cost retailers $250 billion per year. It is much easier for counterfeiters to sell directly to customers online.

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69. Kiva Robots at Amazon’s Distribution Centers 

How does Amazon manage to ship so many orders so quickly? They have automated a great deal of their distribution centers with Kiva robots to speed product picking. Video is an excellent demonstration of the robots.

70. The Cost of Zero 

Dan Ariely talks about the power of retailers giving away free product.

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