1. The Incredible Logistics of Grocery Stores

2. Fast fashion – The shady world of cheap clothing 

3. Eataly Boston

4. How Airports Make Money

5. Kenneth Cole on Social Responsibility 

Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole Productions, discusses raising his brand’s profile by staying on the course of social responsibility and the impact of social media.

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6. Nordstrom does Instagram—on the Roof

Ever wondered what a 15-story-tall Instagram post would look like? Nordstrom installed a gigantic 3D installation on the roof of its downtown Seattle flagship to mark the beginning of its annual anniversary sale.


7. TJX Should Buy Macy’s 

CNBC contributor Jan Kniffen, J Rogers Kniffen Worldwide CEO, gives his thoughts on Macy’s business strategy.

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8. Google Unveils ‘Buy’ Button 

Google unveils “buy” button for mobile search ads.

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9. Happy Summer Vacation, Time to Shop for Back to School

It may be the dog days of summer, but back-to-school shopping is already in full swing. International Council of Shopping Centers’ Mike Kercheval and WSJ’s Tanya Rivero discuss where people are shopping and why they plan to spend more this year.

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10. Square Thinks Big 

Electronic payment provider Square Inc. is thinking big with its latest solution release. It is targeting enterprise needs of larger merchants with the new Employee Management solution.

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11. Boston Smaht: Target Adds Local Flavor to Clothing

Target has hired designer Todd Snyder to localize some of its clothing products and win back the trust of customers.

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12. Retail Sales Data Disappoints 

Americans are not spending as much as expected and that key component of economic activity could impact the Fed’s interest rate decision.

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13. Wal-Mart Goes After Amazon 

Wal-Mart is taking direct aim at Amazon’s Prime Day. The “Fast Money” traders say this makes Wal-Mart relevant in the online world.

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14. Starbucks Pushes Plan to Hire 100,000 Young Workers 

Starbucks is teaming up with more than a dozen companies in a pledge to increase hiring of young, mostly black and Latino workers over the next three years.

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15. Why Apple Dominates Smartphone Profits 

Apple sells less than 20% of smartphones but takes in 92% of global smartphone profits, as other makers struggle to break even.

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16. US wholesale Inventories Rise

CNBC’s Rick Santelli reports the latest news on wholesale trade.

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17. Brands Embrace Superheroes to Boost Sales 

After vanquishing the box office, Marvel’s superheroes are tackling a new challenge: Madison Avenue. Brands like Kiehl’s and Kimberly-Clark have teamed up with Marvel to develop unique comics or TV ads to help market products.

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18. Fiat-Chrysler beats Ford in retail sales 

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau reports Fiat-Chrysler had a big June outselling Ford on a retail basis for the first time ever.

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19. Wal-Mart Pulls Confederate Flags From Store Shelves 

Wal-Mart announced it will remove all products featuring the Confederate flag from its shelves and its website.

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20. Why Does Shopping Make You Happy? 

Modest financial rewards make consumers happier and less stressed – both emotionally and biologically, according to a new study.

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21. Everything Happens On The Floor In A Retail Space 

It’s important to balance not only the flooring product selection but also color consistency across materials, employee and customer comfort, risk management, slip-and-fall issues, branding, sustainability and more.

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22. Whole Foods: New store concept to be called ‘365 by Whole Foods Market’ 

Whole Foods Market unveiled the name of its new banner of smaller, value-focused and millenial-targeted stores:  “365 by Whole Foods Market.”

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23. Hermès Birkin Bag Sells for Record $222K At Auction 

A fuchsia Hermès Birkin bag set a record as the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction, fetching nearly $222,000 at Christie’s Hong Kong sale.

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24. “Mini Law Lesson: How Brands Can (and Can’t) Use Periscope” 

The live-streaming app available through Twitter offers great potential for reaching customers. But there are some legal limits that brands would be well advised to keep in mind before they start posting.

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25. April Retail Sales Come In Flat; Is It Time to Worry? 

After April retail sales came in surprisingly unchanged, is it time for investors to be worried about the pace of U.S. economic growth?

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26. Revolving Doors and ROI 

Revolving doors can provide measurable ROI for retail and hospitality – way beyond the widely recognized energy savings from reduced air infiltration.

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27. Dove’s Latest “Real Beauty” Video 

There is a door marked “Beautiful,” and there is a door marked “Average.” Which one do women all over the world choose, and why? Which one would you choose?

28. Walmart to its Suppliers: Cut Your Prices 

Walmart has a clear message to the companies that manufacture the products it sells: Stop marketing those products, then use the saved costs to lower their prices.

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29. FedEx Delivered on Christmas to Ensure On-Time Delivery 

A discussion of the efforts UPS and FedEx undertook to make sure shoppers had their orders delivered in time for the holidays.

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30. Amazon launches one-hour mobile delivery in Manhattan

Prime Now, the newest benefit for Amazon Prime members, offers one-hour delivery on tens of thousands of products through a mobile app.

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