Anando Milk: Building. “Considering every child lives in a world of fantasy, the idea was to exaggerate the benefit of milk into almost giving the child superhuman powers.” (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

anando milk building

Australian Childhood Foundation: Invisible. A totally out of the box billboard poster created to dramatize the issue of neglect. You can even see the message ‘Thanks for seeing me’ on the wall, just in case that someone pulled out the plastic model. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Australian childhood foundation invisible

Belt Up. The back seat’s no safer, belt up! Well-executed ad to get people feel what will happen during accident, if they do not belt up. (Image Source: Eat Liver)

belt up

Bergey: Sky. A billboard produced by JWT agency from India, which implemented optical illusion to express the message, ‘Natural Finish Colours’, in a clear manner. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

bergey sky

Bic Razor: Billboard. Sometimes you don’t need to explain how great your product is, just put a razor that ‘shaved’ the grass and the message is deadly clear! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

bic razor -billboard

BMW: Checkmate. I won’t discuss if this is ethical, but really, I remembered Santa Monica BMW after the first time I saw this ad. After all, it’s funny and attention-grabbing! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

bmw checkmate

Calgary International Film Festival: Crying Billboard. Only the best firms make it. Best billboard ad that utilizes the water drop in a creative way. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Calgary international film festival crying billboard

Coca-Cola: Straw. Adding just a ladder to make this billboard ad extremely attractive, superb idea. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

coca-cola straw

Coca-Cola: Straw, Poster version. Similar idea with previous ad but utilizes billboards beside it, I wonder what advertisers of those ads will think and act. Anyway, brilliant idea! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

coca cola straw poster version

Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision. Tailgating isn’t worth it, and you can feel this fact by just looking at this billboard ad. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

colorado state patrol billboard collision

Dairy Milk: Chocolate. Wanna explain how tasty your chocolate is? You don’t need to, just put a giant chocolate to make all passengers feel hungry. (Image Source: Jen44)

dairy milk chocolate

DHL: Maze. For this gigantic 3D billboard, a small, red ball rolls from point A to B via the shortest route. After it finished the journey, it will be transported through an invisible conveyor belt within the billboard back to the top to begin the journey again. Again and again, yes, always the right way. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

dhl maze

Donastos Pizza: Model. Had a fun time on this, a billboard ad that utilizes another billboard ad! I think I remembered Donastos Pizza very well, and you can see another Donastos ad that uses the same method. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

donastos model pizza

Elm Grove Police Department: Slower is better. Probably a creative and, may be a scientific way to remind people that slower is better. There’s also Accident Bills version and Chance Of Crush version, enjoy these interesting variants! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

elm grove police department slower is better

Ford Mustang: Burnout. “This billboard was showcased in Detroit, MI at the Woodward Dream Cruise, the world’s largest one-day automotive event. A smoke machine was installed behind the board, and every few minutes the rear wheel would spin, spewing smoke for the ultimate one-minute burnout.” (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

ford mustang burnout

Ford Mustang: Fast. How to express speed on billboard ad? Ford knows it very well. Constructed from GE Lexan EXL semi-transparent resin, the billboard accurately blurs the scene behind it regardless of day, weather or season. Also see how it works in different scenes, like here and here(Image Source: Ads Of The World)

ford mustang fast

Formula Toothcare: Bite. Build strong teeth that can tear off the metal, with Formula Toothcare! What I can say for this billboard is, totally creative! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

formula toothcare bite

Frontline: Mall. “The insight – you may be close to your pet but totally blind to flea infestations. Huge 22 sq.meter stickers, across 3 malls crawling with people were used citywide to highlight their leading product range.” (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

front line mall

Heineken: 3D Billboard. A small touch of creativity can change the entire effect, and Heineken’s 3D billboard proved it. (Image Source: Creative Criminals)

heineken 3d billboard

Hotwheels: Curl. Perfect execution for the brand, keep it rolling! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

hotwheels curl

International Campaign: Amnesty. The great awareness-raising method is to utilize sympathy. In this ad, the billboard has clearly illustrated the contrast of a peaceful world, and the world with the amnesty infested. Check out more versions, here and here(Image Source: Dreamer7112)

international campaign amnesty Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job. Well, a genius idea. Simply speechless. (Image Source: Mighty Optical Illusions)

lifes too short for wrong job

Kolestron Naturals: Change. “This outdoor execution was strategically positioned on a promenade. It had an unspoiled view of the sea and skyline behind it. The woman’s hair is die-cut in the billboard to capture the variations of Kolestron’s Naturals’ colors through the different phase of the day and night.” (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Law And Order: Outdoor Lamp. Again, a small twist of creativity can change the entire ad. Simply brilliant. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

law and order outdoor lamp

Leica Binoculars: Brown Bear. Get Close. With the Ultravid from Leica. More awesome variations available for you, here and here(Image Source: Ads Of The World)

leica binoculars brown bear

Leica V-Lux 1: Ivy. Beautifully and brilliantly done. Leica has hired the right agency to do the right ads. Enjoy the Stakes , Iron Fence and Metal Sheetversion of the ad. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

leica v-lux 1 ivy

Maker’s Mark: Liquor. Winner of all liquor billboard ads. Absolutely unique. (Image Source: putzunow)

makers mark liquor

Mars Chilled: Tongue. Great work on using 2 billboards to set up a creative ad that’s never seen before, and the lip is too great that it looks like 3D! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

mars chilled tongue

Martor: Razor Blade. Extremely sharp razor blade, which can cut down the pigeon. Purely ingenious. (Image Source:

martor razor blade

McDonald: Sundial Billboard. If you are creative enough, an ancient idea can help to build a creative billboard ad. Idea is everywhere. (Image Source: dsgnWrld)

mcdonald sundial billboard

Nestle. Lovely and delicious at the same time. (Image Source: ….HOW ADVERTISING SPOILED ME….)


Nike: Barge resistance. One of the principles to do attractive billboard ads is to defy the rule of the nature, and this billboard ad done by Nike is one of the best examples. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

nike barge resistance

Penline Stationary: Strong Tape. No other tape advertisement can be better than this one, a tape that can stick up a billboard firmly. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

penline stationary strong tape

Adidas: Petr Cech. To celebrate the opening of the EuroCup 2008 Adidas installed a 60m tall image of Petr Cech on the Prater Ferris wheel, the main tourist attraction in Vienna. Simply rocks, Adidas. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

adidas petr cech

Quitplan: Big Butt. “Our Paul Bunyan sized cigarette should get Minnesotans thinking about quitting smoking in a really big way. With every trip back and forth to the cabin or the casino, smokers will be reminded that is ready to help when they are ready to quit.” (Image Source: Clarity Coverdale Fury)

quitplan big butt

Real Hip Hop: Black Power. A rocking billboard ad about rocking company, created by rocking agency. Totally rocks. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

real hip hop black power

Red Cross: Optical Illusion Billboard. Liked this one, big and realistic enough to shock passengers, thus raising their awareness about amnesty. (Image Source: Mighty Optical Illusions)

red cross optical illusion billboard

Regional Environmental Awareness: Swimming Pool. Well-placed creative ad that can add up the effect due to the environment, but viewing numbers might be an issue. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

regional environmental awareness swimming pool

Serve: Escape. Perspective might be a little bit weird, but the idea is well-executed. Simply nice. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

serve escape

The Comedy Channel: Naked. “Clothing was placed at bus shelters in conjunction with posters to promote the TV series The Power Of One, in which renowned Hypnotist Peter Powers got people to carry out outrageous tasks under hypnosis. An innovative form of typography was used in the poster to make the type appear to move.” (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

the comedy channel naked

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