Understand the Essentials of Leading Teams to Improve Performance by Expert Business Psychologist and Speaker.

What you’ll learn

To become a great leader very quickly.
How to ensure others know clearly what is expected of them.
A proven technique for objective setting aligned to organisational strategy.
The importance of open communication and the power of positive praise.
How to give effective feedback to illuminate blind-spots and build skill.
A proven coaching process to help you help others to improve.
To ask the right questions to help others identify their own solutions.
How to develop your own ‘Personal Development Plan’.



Introduction – Welcome to the course!

Workshop Objectives

Setting Clear Expectations


Giving Effective Feedback

Feedback to Reduce the Blind-Spots

In Summary

Practice Makes Permanent

Learning a Skill

The Feedback Process

It’s Not What You Say but How You Say It!

Improving Performance

The G.R.O.W. Model

Gaining Buy-In

Improving Performance – Inputs & Outputs

Improving Performance – Practical

Action Planning

Wrap Up



Whether leading others currently or about to start managing people, we know this is a job that requires special skill and cannot be learnt from simple trial and error. Given that it affects not just your work, but the work of your team, the risks of making mistakes are high! There is immense satisfaction, not just from inspiring others to do well, but also from delivering enhanced results for your organisation.

However, let’s face it… In today’s world, where leaders manage busy schedules, there is often barely enough time in the day to do the job, never mind attend training (even if we know the long-term benefits are huge!). This is where this course can help. In just under an hour, you will have learnt some key, golden-nuggets to help you become a great leader. Based on participant feedback from over twenty years designing and delivering training for leaders across the world, I have compiled a short, sharp course that will help you fast-track to be an effective leader, very quickly.

Julia Norman is a Consultant Chartered Psychologist, and leadership expert, speaker and mentor. With over 30 years of professional experience, she will share with you the key tools and methods in an easily digestible and interesting way. With a free workbook, this workshop provides short chunks of theory followed up by practical exercises with real-world application.