At most companies, the work of a customer experience (CX) professional starts after a customer has been acquired. But this approach won’t meet the needs of the modern buyer. Today, CX teams must take advantage of the larger opportunities afforded by a comprehensive, end-to-end CX strategy. In this course, CX and visual design expert Amy Balliett shows you how to leverage insights, research, and organizational tools to build a successful CX strategy worthy of long-term customer loyalty.

Amy shares best practices and practical guidance that you can apply to any customer touchpoint, with examples drawn from real-world case studies. Learn about the key elements of an organizational approach to strategy, the different types of insights and customer research, and how to prioritize some methods over others to advocate across the interests of your entire company. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to unite your colleagues around a shared goal to delight your customers.


01 – Introduction

02 – The Context

03 -The Key Elements

04 – Defining Your Customer

05 – Building It into Branding

06 – Applying It across Your Business

07 – Conclusion