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The focus of this 2-day seminar is to provide a foundation and framework for developing a strong shopper marketing discipline and shopper insights program to support it.

Program Objectives

– Best practices for the development of a shopper marketing framework

– How alternate perspectives (manufacturer vs. retailer, brand vs. sales) can impact shopper marketing language, needs, interests and program acceptance among key stakeholders

– The best research tools to use and the questions to ask in order to build a strong foundation of key shopper insights such as shopper habits and practices, path to purchase and decision drivers

– The strategy and tactics behind building an effective retailer/manufacturer partnership that can help ensure successful program execution

– Practical implementation guidelines for retailers and manufacturers

Date & Location

Jun, 25th & 26th, 2015

Location: to be confirmed

Who should attend?

For anyone who wants to learn and implement shopper marketing successfully. Those are people who are in-charge of Marketing, Sales, Operation and Finance Department from the Retailers, Manufacturers and Suppliers.


Please contact us if you are interested to know more of this seminar or you can download brochure of program at here

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